Saturday Seminars

Special Youth Classes 
Parents and grandparents are encouraged to accompany youth under age 18 to special classes on Saturday morning. 

Receive free vegetable seed packets in the 10:15 class and learn about the Mini-Garden program available through 4-H programs in our local schools.  In the 11:45 class, learn all about growing dahlias and receive free plants to enter in local competitions. See below for details.

Both classes are open to everyone at no charge.


10:15 - 11:30am

Shade Gardening - (Exec. Aud.) Hugh Conlon
Discover more than the same old group of shade plants.  Retired UT Ornamental Horticulture Specialist Hugh Conlon will discuss the “how-to” of shade gardening and will show 80, count’em, different plants that thrive in shady areas.

Sow, Grow, Harvest – Enjoy Great Vegetables - (Rm. 103) Ben Casteel and others
Gardeners of all ages will learn about seed saving, different methods of gardening and the joys of growing and harvesting their own vegetables.  Free packet of seeds will be given to all gardeners under age 18 who are accompanied by an adult. (Workshop)


11:45 - 1:00pm

Dahlias for All Ages - (Rm. 103) Buddy Dean
Gardeners of all ages will learn the basics of growing gorgeous dahlias.  Buddy Dean, nationally recognized dahlia hybridizer and owner of Hilltop Gardens, will show new and easy techniques for growing these beauties of the late summer garden.

Free dahlia plants will be given to all attendees under age 18 who are accompanied by an adult.  Youth gardeners may register for a dahlia growing competition that will be judged in the fall.  Each participant must attend this class to receive the free dahlias and to register for the dahlia competition.     


2:30 - 4:00pm

Common and Not So Common Vegetable Diseases - (Exec. Aud.) Mary Ann Hansen
Identifying and understanding diseases that attack garden vegetable plants is a major challenge for successful gardening.  VA Tech plant pathologist Mary Ann Hansen will show specific examples of vegetable diseases and discuss how to control them.