10:15 - 11:30am

Growing Crepe Myrtles Successfully - (Exec. Aud.) Dr. Mark Windham
Have you lost crepe myrtles to cold or freeze damage? UT Plant Pathologist, Dr. Mark Windham, will discuss how these showy blooming trees can be grown successfully in our area. He will detail specific cultivars and horticultural practices to enhance growth.

Tough Native Plants for Difficult Locations - (Rm. 103) Ian Caton
Ian Caton, formerly a landscape designer, is the owner of Wood Thrush Native Plant Nursery in Floyd, Va. He will discuss some of the hardiest native plants of Appalachia, suitable for more difficult growing locations.


11:45 - 1:00pm

Perils and Pitfalls of Gardening - (Exec. Aud.) Dr. Bruce Gillett
Dr. Gillett is a neurologist and a passionate gardener. From heat stroke to tetanus and snakebite, his program will highlight a variety of conditions and illnesses that may adversely affect gardeners. Learn how to avoid, to recognize and to treat these problems.

Arranging Oriental Lilies for Easter - (Rm. 103) Kate Sewell
VHCC adjunct horticulture instructor Kate Sewell will help participants create the perfect floral arrangement for your Easter centerpiece. Beginners and hobbyists alike will enjoy this hands-on class. All materials included. Fee $12. Limited to 25 attendees. To pre-register, send check to WCMG, Classes, 234 W. Valley St. Abingdon, Va. 24210 or sign-up at class if space available. (Workshop)


2:30 - 4:00pm

The Value of Updated Landscaping - (Exec. Aud.) Robert McDuffie
A complete landscape makeover may be beyond the budget of most homeowners. Robert McDuffie, landscape architect and VT Associate Professor, will offer specific tips for rejuvenating older landscaping.

Pruning Your Trees to Death? - (Rm. 103)  Kevin Sigmon
Learn the horrible truth about over-pruning that can weaken and ultimately kill trees and shrubs. Kevin Sigmon, the arborist for the Town of Abingdon, will detail the appropriate seasons and the correct methods for pruning trees and shrubs. There will be hands on demonstrations with typical trimming tools.

Saturday Seminars